HCC EXecutive council

Beatriz Valencia, Cardinals Interact Program

Becky Modesto, Price Philanthropies

Carri Fierro, UCSD Upward Bound

Christina Contreras, HCC Advisory Council Rep.

Cynthia Park, SDSU Pre-College Institute

Dana Sisitsky, Community Law Project

Diane Conti, Hoover High School

Donna Duvin, International Rescue Committee

Erica Barcelo-Carrillo, Hoover High School (Vice Principal)

Jason Babineau, Hoover High School (Principal)

Julian Villegas, Copley-Price Family YMCA

Karla Gomez, Pro Kids

Kevin Scully, Students Without Limits

Linda LeGerrette, Cesar Chavez Service Clubs

Lindsay McKay, Ocean Discovery Institute

Mary Taylor, SDSU Price Community Scholars

Melissa Naranjo, College Avenue Compact

Miguel Vasquez, Wahupa Educational Services

Sarah Cooper, The League of Amazing Programmers

Shelli Brown, Rady Children’s Hospital

Steve Hornberger, SDSU Social Policy Institute

Tamara Craver, Reality Changers