College Access

For students who want to pursue education beyond high school.

Phone: 619-344-4500 x3147

Eligibility: Must have a cumulative 3.0+ GPA in 9th-10th grade and/or an A-G GPA 3.0+ in 11th-12th grades and not be currently enrolled in any other college access program at Hoover.

Description: Avenues for Success is a college and career access program that works with first-generation, low-income students from Monroe Clark Middle, Wilson Middle, and Hoover High School. College and career advising is provided to help students acquire the knowledge and skills needed to successfully transition from school to work. Avenues for Success also provides support to recent high school graduates.

Phone: 619-795-2008

Eligibility: Must be admitted in the 9th grade, 1.0+ GPA

Recruitment Period: January to March

Description: The Cardinals Interact Program is a partnership between Price Philanthropies, San Diego Rotary Club 33, and Hoover High School. The program provides positive and supportive activities for Hoover students over a three-and-a-half-year period, offering mentoring, college prep, career exposure, and scholarship services.

Phone: 619-233-1331

Eligibility: Open to students grades 3 through 12.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Cesar Chavez Service Clubs are built on the ten values of Cesar Chavez designed to engage students in community service and advocacy. Students are provided with individual college mentoring and college preparation while building confidence within themselves to make lasting differences.

Phone: 619-980-0831

Eligibility: Only open to students in the Academy for Health and Healthier Communities.

Recruitment Period: May

Description: Rady Children's Hospital - FACES for the Future (FACES) prepares students for careers in health care through academic enhancement, professional/leadership development, wellness support, and career experience. Students' activities include guest speakers, workshops, hands-on skills clinics, college field trips, hospital, and community rotations, one-on-one mentoring, and leadership opportunities.

Phone: 619-339-3308

Eligibility: Applications are available in the Spring before senior year. Students must have a 10-12 College GPA of 3.0 or above.

Recruitment Period: May to June

Description: First Gen Scholars provide superior support to underserved first-generation high school students in San Diego by navigating them through the college application process and mentoring them throughout college towards a prosperous career.

Phone: 619-795-8365

Eligibility: Free and open to all Hoover students

Recruitment Period: March to June

Description: Ocean Discovery Institute serves K-12 students in the Hoover Cluster through hands-on science programming, mentoring, and tools for success. Their intensive high school program is scaling towards a cohort model for 8-12th grade students with a 12-day summer program, a college access mentorship program, and year-round academic support.

Phone: 619-582-7884

Eligibility: Free programming for all Hoover students.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Pro Kids promotes character development, life skills, and values through education and the game of golf. Through a unique set of programs that combine sport, study, and service, Pro Kids provides youth in grades 2-12 with equitable access to opportunities that will set them on the path to success in adulthood, with support and scholarship service for program alumni. Hoover students can get academic help, learn the sport of golf, participate in college visits and career workshops, complete community service, and receive assistance in applying for and paying for college and technical training.

Phone: 619-516-2222

Eligibility: Contact to learn more

Recruitment Period: January to May

Description: Reality Changers transforms students into college graduates, serving youth in grades 8-12 through two programs, College Town and College Apps Academy. College Town assists students in grades 8-11th in the following areas: leadership development, academic preparation, and college readiness. College Apps Academy guides and supports 12th-grade students through the entire admissions process, financial aid, and college survival skills.

Phone: 619-594-4813

Eligibility: Juniors, no GPA requirement

Recruitment Period: September to November

Description: SDSU Consensus Organizing Center's Step-Up program seeks to engage, educate, and empower high school juniors to achieve a post-secondary education and develop the practical skills needed to solve social problems in their neighborhoods. Students enroll in Introduction to Social Work at SDSU and complete 40 hours of community service in their neighborhoods, designed to allow students to practice the skills learned in the classroom and learn to see themselves as leaders of their communities.

Phone: 619-594-2349

Eligibility: Upward Bound & Talent Search: Students must be a U.S. Citizen, legal resident, or on a pathway to citizenship. Contact to learn more.

Recruitment Period: Talent Search: Year-Round, Upward Bound: Fall and Spring

Description: The SDSU Pre-College Institute is a partnership between federally funded TRIO programs, public schools, and SDSU academic departments. The Institute has integrated three programs (Talent Search, Upward Bound Classic, and Upward Bound STAR/Classic) to assist youth by providing a range of services including academic, college, career, and financial advising. We assist students with career exposure, college access, community service, mentoring, tutoring, and community resources.

Phone: 619-485-3028

Eligibility: Contact to learn more.

Recruitment Period: May to July

Description: The Price Community Scholars program pairs SDSU students from City Heights with three 7th graders in the Hoover Cluster. The college students provide weekly tutoring and mentorship with the students from 7th through 10th grade in exchange for a four-year college scholarship. The program assists in building a community that enhances the path to higher education for both mentors and mentees through academic success, college awareness, cultural enrichment, and community service.

Phone: 858-880-7094

Eligibility: Contact to learn more

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Students Without Limits supports the endeavors of first-generation and immigrant students who want to attend college by providing them with in-school and remote support and opportunities.

Phone: 858-534-4252

Eligibility: Contact to learn more

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: The Upward Bound Math & Science program is designed to strengthen students’ math and science skills and encourage them to pursue post-secondary degrees in math and science with the ultimate goal of pursuing careers in these professions.

Phone: 619-663-8184

Eligibility: U.S. citizen or legal permanent resident, not enrolled in another TRIO program (Talent Search, Upward Bound).

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Wahupa Educational Talent Search helps first-generation college students successfully complete high school education and obtain a college degree with financial aid. Program services include: academic and A-G course advising; college information/ application assistance; tutoring connection, SAT/ACT information; and financial aid information/ application assistance.