Community Advocacy

For students aiming to influence change in their community.

Phone: 619-795-2005

Eligibility: Must be admitted in the 9th grade, 3.0+ GPA

Recruitment Period: January to March

Description: The mission of the Aaron Price Fellows Program is to prepare a highly motivated and diverse group of San Diego public high school students to be responsible, engaged, and caring members of their community. Our goals are to teach Fellows about government, cultural, business, and non-profit institutions to illustrate their significance and relevance in their lives, expose Fellows to exciting career opportunities, and foster friendships between Fellows from diverse ethnic, religious, and economic backgrounds.

Phone: 619-768-9016

Eligibility: Open to any City Heights resident over the age of 13.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Center for Community Solutions (CCS) is looking for youth interested in creating change in their communities! Through CCS' Close to Home program, youth will learn about healthy relationships, consent, bystander intervention, and advocate for safer and healthy relationships for all. Youth will also develop leadership skills that will help them engage with their community to take action to end sexual and intimate partner violence. We encourage youth who are passionate about social justice and their community to apply!

Phone: 619-233-1331

Eligibility: Open to students grades 3 through 12.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Cesar Chavez Service Clubs are built on the ten values of Cesar Chavez designed to engage students in community service and advocacy. Students are provided with individual college mentoring and college preparation while building confidence within themselves to make lasting differences.

Phone: 619-641-6100

Eligibility: Free library services for all California residents.

Description: The San Diego Public Library (SDPL) is the place for opportunity, discovery, and inspiration. Regularly, SDPL offers: safe and inclusive spaces for studying and networking, relevant collections, dynamic programs and services, including a teen IDEA Labs, and internship opportunities. A digital library card opens up access to our vast online library, research databases, tutoring, test prep, and more. The library now offers contactless pickup service, Monday through Friday from 10:30 am – 5:30 pm. And join the City Heights Library’s Facebook and Teen Instagram (@SDPLTeens) for book recommendations, virtual workshops, and more.

Phone: 619-344-4500 x2303

Eligibility: Free and open to all Hoover students.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: IMIN after school is brought to you by Arc Experience. It is a voluntary after-school program for Hoover students. The goal is to connect students to activities to enrich their educational experience. This program is designed to serve students in an array of safe, structured programs that provide students with a range of supervised activities that are designed to encourage learning and development outside the typical school day.

Phone: 619-641-7510 x258

Eligibility: Open to all Hoover students, focused on refugee, immigrant, English language learners.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: International Rescue Committee offers the REACH (Refugee, Education, Acculturation, Civic Engagement, and Health) program with a comprehensive, collaborative initiative designed to serve youth at Hoover High School to address their academic needs and align their education with relevant, real-world exposure. E-tutoring is offered four days per week on Zoom. Sign up with this link!

Phone: 619-230-1938

Eligibility: Free and open to all Hoover students who can commit to completing the program. Students will need an internet connection to participate. Video equipment and editing software are available for loan on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Description: Media Arts Center San Diego provides digital media tools and channels to create equitable and engaged communities. Students can intern and enroll in online video production training programs. "Hoover Voices" train students in video production, focused on creating short documentaries and video journalism pieces reporting on Hoover clubs and activities. Teen Producers Project + Speak City Heights train students in video production focused on creating short documentaries and video journalism pieces reporting on community events in City Heights. Internships provide training and job readiness in the field of media, graphic design, and video production.

Phone: 619-272-7582 x126

Eligibility: Free and open to all; contact us to meet with one of our community organizers.

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: Mid-City CAN is comprised of residents and youth of the Mid-City neighborhood who care about making a lasting impact in this community. Their mission is to create a safe, productive, and healthy community through collaboration, advocacy, and organizing.

Phone: 619-519-1036 (text ok)

Eligibility: Open to students ages 12 to 17 living in City Heights, no GPA requirement. Must be drug and alcohol-free and willing to commit to being an ACT member for at least a year. To learn more, please contact Rocio Hernandez at

Recruitment Period: Year-Round

Description: SAY San Diego's Advocates for Change Today (ACT) is a youth leadership group dedicated to reducing the use of alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs by youth in the Mid-City area of San Diego. As a member of ACT, students will have the opportunity to experience fun ways to make a positive change in their community, strengthen their college application, complete community service hours, and develop leadership skills. ACT provides opportunities for members to attend statewide conferences and receive training on addressing public health issues. Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, ACT continues to meet weekly via ZOOM.

Phone: 619-594-4813

Eligibility: Juniors, no GPA requirement

Recruitment Period: September to November

Description: SDSU Consensus Organizing Center's Step-Up program seeks to engage, educate, and empower high school juniors to achieve a post-secondary education and develop the practical skills needed to solve social problems in their neighborhoods. Students enroll in Introduction to Social Work at SDSU and complete 40 hours of community service in their neighborhoods, designed to allow students to practice the skills learned in the classroom and learn to see themselves as leaders of their communities.